INRÁ has its roots to 2016, when in Tallinn, a young designer set her goal to create quality ethical ladieswear. 
The  brand  is  on  a  mission  to  make  its  input  on  reducing  the global overproduction and    over  consumerism. Garments are  ethically  made in small batch production, using certified fabrics from European manufacturers, which   include   quality   synthetic,  also recycled and upcycled  natural fiber fabrics and sometimes vintage fabrics for details. 
Manufacturing is located in European Union, in the beautiful quiet town of Tallinn, Estonia. The owner of the brand knows everyone responsible for the production of the garments. She sees them and communicated with them on a daily basis. The production cycle is clear and no child labor is involved.
The team behind INRÁ actively opposes overproduction, while handcrafting each piece, following the quality, not quantity motto. The creative process is a colossal resource of a whole team of professionals. Everyone contributes on their part, so in the end when each garment is completed and we like to say “it has a spirit in it”, as if being almost as “alive”.
INRÁ's woman
INRÁ sees their customer as a stylish and elegant town or city lady, who is continuously educating herself and likes to excel in life. She has a relaxed personality and is independent of anyone’s approval regarding her looks or way of living. She likes her clothing cruelty free, meaning ethically made, knowing no humans or animals got mistreated during production. The key for her is personal and enduring style, deliberate design, versatile items and slow fashion.